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About the Princeton Youth Soccer LeagueThe purpose of the Princeton Youth Soccer League is to educate, organize, and promote youth soccer by encouraging the display of respect, good sportsmanship, and fair play to all participants. Our motto is to educate, enlighten & exercise.

Princeton Youth Soccer was established in the fall of 1982 by some local people that had the vision of having soccer in town.  Soccer was not a sport that many knew much about at the time. We started out with around 150 kids from kindergarten through high school.

Over the years as soccer progressed in the community, the high school age group was dropped as it was added to the school sports line up. Around the year 2000 we added a pre-k age group which gave us kids from 4 years old through 8th grade who participate. We now have approximately 600 different kids from Princeton and the surrounding communities that play in our league.

We play in the spring and fall of the year with 40 to 50 local businesses sponsoring our teams each year. We started out playing at the original Zearing Park and in the fall of 2011 moved into a state of the art sports facility which is also part of Zearing Park.

Board Members

Director - James Pinter
Asst. Director - Mike Oertel
President - Jeremy Whitfield
Vice President - Todd Gibson
Secretary - Rick Allen
Treasurer - Sondra Benevidez
Fields - Ryan Molln
Fields - Ian Cardosi
Coaches - Gary Hall
Coaches - Pat Mason
Concessions - James Pinter
Head Referee - Rick Allen
Equipment - Michael Sullivan
Sponsors - Jay Schneider
Photos & Sales - Anthony Giaquinto

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